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I’ve narrowed down my Research Project to focus on the Key Differences between Profit and Non Profit Organizations.  I look forward to interviewing  Catherine Crooker,  Cathy is a part-time Sandwich resident, with a lifetime connection.  Her mom was one of the founders of the Over the Hill Hikers, which is where my Applied Project will come in to play.  Cathy lives full-time in Oregon, and is the founder of Crooker Consulting  a company which helps connect donors to Non Profits.  In addition to talking to Cathy, I will make use of library resources, the internet, and talking with people who work (or have worked) within the Non Profit fields.

The Research Project and Applied Project tie together my 26 year career in the military to my post retirement life of volunteerism.  My activities in the community currently include the Sandwich Conservation Commission, the Sandwich Fair, our Community Church, and of course, the Over the Hill Hikers, where I now fill the shoes of Cathy’s late mother, Lib Bates, the original Den Mother and organizer.  Both the Research Project and Applied Project show the practical application of my major, Organizational Administration, and bring together multiple disciplines including Business, Sociology, Administration, and Communication.

A great book about the history of this hiking club that’s been going since 1979.

For my Applied Project, I plan to serve as a key organizer for the Over the Hill Hikers.  I will do this by maintaining a 100+ distribution list for all levels of hikers.  I will communicate planning meetings to organize weekly hikes for the season, and establish a leader for each hike.  I will send out weekly updates for these hikes to include information on the difficulty of the hike, the estimated duration (both time and mileage), the established carpool and meeting times, and assist the leader in tracking RSVP’s which are used to coordinate further updates such as weather, etc.  I will also serve as the website manager, updating the Over the Hill Hikers blog (check out their site at:  with photos, schedules and other key information.

A few of the Over the Hill Hikers taking in the view at the top. Photo taken by fellow hiker, Susan Allen.

This role as key organizer, aka “Den Mother” is a role I have naturally fell into since moving to Sandwich.  Be it fate, coincidence, or my leadership that  makes it so, I’m happy to fill the shoes of Lib Bates the best that I can while bringing together so many people in Sandwich and the surrounding areas.  It may be fate, as my husband and I bought the home in which Lib lived, but what ever the circumstances that made it so, I am so happy to offer my Organizational skills, along with my passion for hiking and a joy of volunteering to the Over the Hill Hikers.

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  1. Tracy what a meaningful connection to both your research and applied Project. You have laid out a clear mission and path to deliverables with each.
    I wonder how both your research and Project will benefit those beyond the Over the Hill Hikers? Wonderful post!

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