Reflecting on my Personal Learning Network

At the beginning of the semester, Dr. DeRosa tells us that we should establish a Personal Learning Network (PLN) via Twitter.  I was like, NOOOOOO!!!!  I was reluctant to add another social media form to my life;    but after considering the options, Twitter sign up page, here I come!

Following that introduction, I now had to become familiar with what is a tweet, a retweet, a quoted tweet, a hashtag, etc.  There was a serious learning curve.  But after a few rookie tweets, I started to navigate my way.

Now comes establishing my PLN and connecting my major, Organizational Administration.  I was a little puzzled at where to start looking.  Who would contribute to my PLN, who should I be “following” via Twitter, what is my focus, and where do I want to take this PLN?

In the past, my PLN was very clear for me.  When I served in the Coast Guard my fellow peers, mentors, and network had been established over 26 years of transfers, advancements, supervisors, leadership, and trends.  I was starting over, and on the ground floor now.  What I had known for so long, doesn’t apply.  I’m retired from the Coast Guard after all; who is going to be my PLN now?

Sandwich Fair Flower Exhibit 2017
The Over the Hill Hikers. Read or listen to their story at

I chose to follow the NY Times Education & Business sections, Forbes, Business Week, National Public Radio, and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).   I did find these sources helpful.  They keep current on the news and trends of today.  My future will not be in the mainstream workforce, but contributing to my community through volunteerism.  I currently serve on the Sandwich Conservation Commission, am Chairman for the Sandwich Fair Flower Exhibit, am active in my church, and am the group organizer for the Over the Hill Hikers.   I also am a member of the tri-town Democrats.  Following graduation from PSU, I will expand my network of Twitter to include people from these groups.  I can see how the format of Twitter is beneficial for professionals, students and community service.

To see a story of my Twitter use this past semester, please check out my Twitter story using Storify.

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