The Master of Your Own Domain

I couldn’t resist a reference to an old “Seinfeld” episode in my title, but on the topic of students building and maintaining their own website, and blog, I’m 100% onboard.  A bit intimidated by the learning curve; but to have complete ability to control my web footprint from developing a website and blog, to maintenance and future ownership, while preparing me for further use in a growing technical world, thank you!


In “The Web We Need to Give Students”  it discusses the The Domain of One’s Own initiative at University of Mary Washington  where, “Instead of focusing on protecting and restricting students’ Web presence, UMW helps them have more control over their scholarship, data, and digital identity.”  A welcome change from past years.

One hurdle that is brought up in “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” is “many students simply want to know what their professors want and how to give that to them.”  Empowering todays students with design concept and ownership is a link to overcoming stagnant learning.

“Do I Own My Domain if You Grade it?”   states that, “Giving a student ownership over data means nothing if it doesn’t allow them to determine that data.”…  “Promoting digital ownership is different than assigning work in publicly accessible spaces.”  Which leads me to my point of, it’s one thing to allow the creative ownership of a domain and blog, but it’s another to dictate what shall be placed upon that website / blog.  For a professor, to manage students posts to an audience of one, is still defeating the purpose of a web footprint and creative expression.  So are you truly free to be the “Master of Your Own Domain”, or is it within the confines of academia and related course work?

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  1. A really nice little post, that ties together the readings and asks some good questions. Remind me to show you how to embed video: how cool would it be to have that Seinfeld clip playing right in the center of your post!?


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