Brainstorming my Research Project & Applied Project

We’ve been in class for a few weeks now, and there’s a lot of discussion on our upcoming Research Project, and our Applied Project.  These two projects, which are the Capstone for Interdisciplinary Studies, are to be connected to our field of study, mine being “Organizational Administration”.

In class we’ve had an opportunity to brainstorm with our peers and individually.  I’ve collected a few thoughts that I think I could bite in too, that are relevant in today’s world,  and are connected to my program.   I’m also thinking multiple disciplines are represented in each idea from Humanities, Sociology, Psychology, Ethics, Business, and Economics, which collectively highlights the benefits of thinking and working in a multiple discipline and Interdisciplinary world.    The ideas that I am considering for my Research Project include:

photo taken at the Women’s Rally in Concord, NH on January 20, 2018
  • Key Differences between Profit and Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Sexual Harassment, has it increased, or has just the coverage and awareness?
  • Racial Equality Is the movement “Black lives Matter” making a difference?
  • DACA policies & Immigration policies.  Has the current Administration’s policies and travel bans impacted the workforce?
  • Unemployment rates is it an accurate representation of our economy?

As you can imagine my head is going a million miles a minute thinking of where the above topics could take me.  Can I gather enough information using good sources and present my topic thoroughly.   Who will I interview?  I think I’m leaning towards one choice in-particular, but I do think each topic is one that is impacting many lives, our workforce and our society as a whole.  Each topic has great merit and would be a worthy research article.  What do you think?  Does one grab you more than the others?

I continue my brainstorming to the Applied Project.  I don’t know why, but this seems a bit easier to me.  Maybe it’s the hands on part of it, the “doing” versus the writing about it that I found appealing.  In any case, my ideas for an Applied Project, relevant to my Organizational Administration field are:

  • My work with the Over the Hill Hikers.  I organize a season worth of hikes in all abilities ranging from easy to difficult.  I coordinate leaders for the weekly hikes, establish carpool times and locations, follow the weather, lead the hike / or others, and share the experience (and photos) via the Over the Hill Hikers Blogspot.  I also am the coordinator for two annual gatherings, and organize participation in the Sandwich Fair Parade.  In addition, I maintain the checkbook of funds that have been collected for sweatshirts and prize money.  I recently coordinated a meeting with NHPR’s Virginia Prescott to interview the group which has been established since 1977!

    Over the Hill Hikers gathering to march in the Sandwich Fair Parade
  • Trail Stewardship and maintenance along the Bearcamp River Trail, a 17 mile trail that passes through both White Mountain National Forest and private land owners property from the Summit of Mt. Israel to the border of Tamworth.   Trail stewardship includes organizing a trail clean up day, of pruning, dealing with trees that have blown down or fallen, and re-blazing the trail marks.  Public outreach is coordinated with permission of the landowners.
  • Increasing participation in the Sandwich Fair Flower Exhibit.  I would contact past participants to generate interest early, and possibly arrange a flower demonstration by one of the local gardeners to share tips on arrangements and displays during the summer months.

Again, I could see myself doing each of these for my Applied Project.  I’m passionate about each already.   Volunteerism is my second career, and what I will be doing in this chapter of my life.  I may have taken the long route to completing my degree, but it’s a rewarding path none the less.   I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to go back to school to apply a long military career’s worth of experience and a collection of college along the way to round out my Interdisciplinary Studies major.  It’s a collection of disciplines, and a indirect route, but I’m almost there.

Flower exhibit at the Sandwich Fair

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  1. Tracy, all looks wonderful, how you decide to proceed is entirely up to you, but I do hope you’ll follow your gut when you decide. You ask some thoughtful questions, for instance, is harassment more prevalent or is it the media’s willingness to cover these stories or perhaps something else is at play? Nice post!

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