Administration is at the cornerstone of every business

The discipline of Administration is as traditional as apple pie.  Administration, linked to such formal Academic Programs of Business Administration, Human Resources, and Management, is relevant to most any company, University, small or home based business.  It is the cornerstone that holds up most foundations, corporations and businesses alike.

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Many of the academic classes that complement an administration discipline include: business statistics, economics, marketing, law, accounting, finance, communication and operations management.

Without Administration, I don’t think we could have a fully functioning organization or business, it would be fragmented.  Administration may not be the most sexy part of a company, but without it, there would not be a fully functioning company with cohesion.  Administration brings together business goals, procedures and policies.  Administration impacts businesses from a wide range of avenues, from personnel matters, to budget planning and execution, cost saving measures, product development, and marketing.  Administration can include support of contract negotiations and awards, staff management, and implementation of new technologies.   Administration is wide reaching in the functionality of a business.

But one discipline alone may not be enough.  And in today’s business world and competitive markets, combining disciplines to make a more Interdisciplinary approach allows collaboration to problem solve, expand learning, and increase professional growth.

Keeping current with administration trends, I follow various publications and media outlets such as Forbes, New York Times Business, National Public Radio and Business Week.  I also find articles in Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and their HR Magazine to be great resources.

2 thoughts on “Administration is at the cornerstone of every business”

  1. So do you think “Administration” is an academic discipline? I am authentically asking, so that’s not a rhetorical question! Is it an interdiscipline comprised of more traditional disciplines like economics, math, psychology, sociology– or is it its own distinct historically produced area of study? Is it “business” or something distinct? You don’t have to answer all of these, but your post really makes me wonder about how we classify fields like this that are so applied, connected to other areas of study, and recent in their distinction in the academy. I love a post that makes me feel confused! 🙂

    1. hmm… when I was preparing this post, I did think of it as a separate discipline. But, after reading your comment, I definitely see your point; perhaps “Administration” is an interdiscipline.

      I do lean towards Administration being it’s own discipline, but I’m not sure if that’s keeping my viewpoint too limited, and more of an overview verses the deeper thought of actually breaking it down. I think of “discipline” not just in academic field of study, but an area of expertise.

      Am I off on that?

      Thank you for your feedback.

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